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Empower Your Career

Learn how to fly from professionals. The only Romanian school to offer you training while flying. We operate from several international bases. Obtain two types of aircraft license to fly.

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-charter airline founded in 2017, Bucharest based-

  • Star East airline is an authorized air operator holder of the AOC, issued by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority on 22.05.2017 

  • we are Bucharest based, but operate from several international bases

  • our vision is to become the most customer oriented and forward-looking European Air Operator in order to provide the finest services on board

  • the company owns two aircraft - an Airbus 320-231 and a Boeing 737-400

  • in 2019, we started Star East Aviation Training, the newest European authorized Flight Attendant Training school in Romania

  • its goal is to provide the next generation of well-trained flight attendants

  • we are the only school in Romania to offer you the possibility to move abroad for one month (ticket, accommodation, breakfast and daily allowance included) for your practical training

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"Ladies and gentlemen, may we have your attention, please?"


This is not your captain speaking, but it might as well be. Whether you’re considering a career change or simply looking to improve your skills, our Initial Flight Attendant course is the ideal choice.


  • get a quality training from well-qualified teachers

  • trainers that are still active

  • well-structured written and video course support

  • do this from the comfort of your home, we teach you online

  • tips, tricks and flight hacks

  • real interaction with cabin crew members and passengers

  • ticket, accommodation, breakfast and daily allowance offered by Star East Aviation Training during your practical training


  • we are the only school in Romania to offer practical training while flying from one of the international bases (extra charge 500 €- type rating included)

  • you can obtain two type ratings -  Airbus and Boeing (license to fly on certain types of aircraft) 500 € each type rating ONLY after obtaining the Cabin Crew Attestation

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-a perfect fit- we offer you theoretical and practical training-

  • Aircraft knowledge

  • General aviation theories and facts

  • Communication in English with cabin crew and passengers

  • Legislation and regulations

  • Emergency procedures, situations and equipment

  • First aid and medical course

  • Security course

  • Dangerous goods course

  • Practical training - fire and smoke training/ survival in water training

  • Aviation terminology/ alphabet/ abbreviations/ commands

  • Cabin overwatch

  • Real time feedback from cabin crew and passengers during the practical training

-3 week training, 1500€-

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-+40758.038.329 or

You need:

  • minimum age of 18

  • medical certificate

  • high-school graduate (NO bachelor degree needed)

  • original and copy of ID

  • four (4) passport-type pictures

  • medium knowledge of the English language


  • do you love aviation and flying?

  • are you a team-player?

  • do you handle well challenging situations?

  • are you attentive, caring and understanding?

  • do you love a good conversation? stay smart, you are going to have plenty of them

We look forward to meeting you! Let`s give the sky the next generation of best-trained flight attendants!

Private Aircraft
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-what are you getting yourself into-

Why should you follow a career up high?

  • broaden your mind and knowledge

  • flexible environment

  • no dull moments

  • learn different languages

  • study various cultures

  • always well-dressed, don`t worry about the clothes

  • discounts everywhere

  • travel everywhere

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What They’re Saying

"Attending Star East has been the best choice and self investment I've made!
Thanks to this school and all the wonderful, exceptional and professional people that teach at Star East Aviation, who prepped and shaped me in a future cabin crew, I managed to successfully pass with flying colours the most wanted interview and get a job shortly after I graduated. All trainers have a vast knowledge, experience and top of the line expertise in aviation! The courses were very pleasant, interactive and efficient! I highly recommend Star East Aviation School to all who aspire to a rewarding career in this field!"

Miruna, our student

"Hey, @stareastaviationtraining ! You already know that I always had that dream to become airborne and recently I was so determined to make it come true, that I've started to search a mentor for this. Not because you can't simply be there at the open day of some low cost Airline Company, all smiling and praying to be accepted, but just because I was looking for something more than that. I wanted to receive guidance along with the lessons, flight attendant's real life experiences, I wanted the teachers to not only teach but be that friendly and involved that they can take away the fear within me. And, believe it or not, I received even more than what I could imagine. 
At @stareastaviationtraining you find the most incredible team, the only School in Romania which offers you the opportunity to practice and the most important secrets to be kept in your pocket in order to easily start your career. .
Your dreams are what define your individuality. They have the power to give you wings and make you fly high. So let the little fairy in you fly and join @stareastaviationtraining for the best experience of your flight attendant career!"

Alexandra, our student

"During this period, when the field of aviation is suffering so much due to the pandemic, I chose to take a step towards making my dream come true and decided to enrol at StarEast Aviation Training. While I was doing my research and making my decision, I discovered that they are the only aviation school in Romania that give their students the opportunity to practice flying and take their classes online. I discovered that they have a very well-trained and dedicated team who taught me a lot in the field of aviation, medicine and security, both in Romanian and English. Not only did the professors show a lot of interest and experience during my time there, but they also continued to stand by me and give me confidence even after graduating from the course. I must say that I do not think that having taken my classes online was a drawback because all the subjects and teaching based on well-made, interactive materials really helped me pass all my authority exams without too much effort.
I believe that I made the best decision to enrol at aviation school during the pandemic because while the whole world is taking a break from planning for the future, I decided to grow and develop on all levels, and StarEast school helped me do that in this field."

Madalina, our student

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Focused on Your Success


Flying experience

trainers that are still flying


Networking Meetups

well-structured course support

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Star East Airline

Above and Beyond

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Try flying. A whole different feeling. We train you to succeed.

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To find out more information about learning at Star East Aviation Training, contact us today at @stareastaviationtraining /

Somesul rece street, no. 67A, 013792 postcode, Bucharest


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